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How Does VoIP Work?

The Internet uses a protocol known as TCP/IP, often called IP, for communicating across the Internet. IP sends data as packets that are routed to the recipient. These packets sometimes take different routes, arriving out of order, and they may need to be reassembled into the proper sequence at the receiving end.

With VoIP the voices of both sides of a telephone conversation are digitized and sent as packets of data. The equipment at the other end reassembles the packets and converts them back to sound.

IP packets can arrive out of sequence. If they need major reassembly there can be an echo on the connection. If the delays are significant both parties may find themselves speaking at the same time.

While the concept of using a technology for an unintended purpose may seem a bit strange, that has not stopped a LOT of companies from switching to VoIP. As new technology emerges to improve the connection still more people will be making the switch.

Many companies have integrated their telephone and network systems. If you have ever been connected to an off-shore call center or to a branch office of a large company you may have been using VoIP without knowing it.

VoIP is not perfect. It has a number of advantages, plus a few drawbacks. If you want the savings, and if you can live with the drawbacks, then VoIP may be for you. Many VoIP providers offer a free trial period but read the fine print carefully; some will not refund the activation charges.

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