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Domain Forwarding
Redirect traffic from your domain to a personalized company page or a free Website.
Use domain masking to brand the page with your name in the browser's URL bar.

Domain Forwarding redirects incoming traffic to a page on another Website. Domain forwarding with Masking prevents visitors from knowing they have been re-directed; your domain name will be locked in the browser's address bar.

  • Marketing representatives can give their clients an easy-to-remenber Web address, which fowards to a not-so-friendly address on the company's marketing site.

  • Individuals can host a personal Website on the free Web space provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or with a free service such as Geocities.

  • Domain forwarding can also be used to direct people to any desired site or page: A forum, a Blog site, a page on a large site, etc.

Actual Web Address

Your Address
http://www.MarketingCompany/~User325598 HenryJones.Com
http://HenryJones.MyISP.Com TheJoneses.Com
http://www.MyISP.Com/~HenryJones5468 TheJoneses.Com

Most domain registrars offer domain forwarding. Some charge nothing for it and some charge a one-time fee. Some offer it free but then display an advertisement on each page, unless you pay them to turn it off.

  • At PlanetEagle, domain forwarding is provided at no cost and with no gimmicks.

To set up domain forwarding with PlanetEagle you would click on Domain Names and then click on My Domain Names to bring up the domain management screen, part of which is shown below. The process is similar for other domain registrars.

Select one or more domains from the domain list (not shown above) and click on Forward Domains. A screen will appear asking for the full URL (Web address) where the domain should be forwarded.

  • Enter the complete address, which begins with http:// and usually, but not always, includes the www.
  • Forwarding will be to the exact address specified. It is advisable to visit the page and copy the actual address to the on-line form. For example:


Choose Domain Masking to capture your domain name in the browser address bar. When you click to finalize the selection the forwarding process will begin.

  • It can take 1 to 3 days for the forwarding to go into effect, although it often happens sooner.
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