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We are Bob and Sue Morrisson. We have been working with micro computers since 1978. That was when CP/M and WordStar were king, computers had two floppy drives, and 48k of memory was a luxury.

Since then technology has become much more sophisiticated, not to mention very confusing. We have created Planet Eagle to help you find high-tech services at favorable prices, many of which were once available only to the corporate world. We also provide tools to help you choose and use these services.

Please feel free to drop in and browse for a while. We hope you like what you see, and that you will tell your friends.

Our Website is undergoing a major renovation so please excuse our dust. We are switching to a new format and adding new information as we do so.

Use the Quick Menu on each page to go directly to the service of your choice. Use the links below to learn more about these services. There is a wealth of information available and more will be coming on line so please stop back from time to time.


Register a domain name. Host a Website. Build a Website. Sign up for e-mail services using your own domain name.

We offer a variety of Internet services at reasonable prices. Our domain registrar is one of the biggest in the business, with very competitive rates for all services.

Learn more. Domain registry, Web hosting, e-mail, and other services can be confusing. Rates vary widely, as does the quality of the services. Check out our FAQs and articles.
Please consider transferring your domains and / or your Web and e-mail hosting to our company. The services are good and the prices are right.


Voice over IP (VoIP), also called IP Telephony, uses an Internet connection to transmit telephone calls at competitive prices.

Our VoIP provider offers good service at favorable rates, plus a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Choose Home VoIP for your home or small office. Choose Business VoIP for larger offices.

Please see our information section to learn more about this service and how to select a VoIP provider.
There are many VoIP providers. The service is not always perfect but it costs much less than a landline or cell phone service. Please do your research befor buying.
Protecting Your
In this section we discuss computer protection suites, backup software, and more. We feature links to a number of excellent products that you can order on line.
Connecting your computer to the Internet without a firewall and a good protection suite is like playing Russian Roulette with five bullets


Long distance calling, dial-around calling, conference calling, toll-free numbers, and more. Talk for over 800 minutes for under $25 a month.

We offer quality services, many of which were once available only to large corporations. Our long distance rates may be less expensive than the "free" service some phone companies offer.
There are enough differences in long distance services to make your head spin. There are many new services you may not know about. We can help you learn what to look for and what to avoid.
If you like what you see here, consider starting your own communications business. There is no financial investment required, no experience is necessary, and training is available on line.
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